A gargantuan Plesiosaur that stars in the episode Cruel Sea.


The Apex predator during the Jurassic era. It had powerful jaws and was quite fast for it's size. Unlike it's bretherin it's neck was much shorter thus not allowing for sweeping motions on the ocean floor.


Liopleurodon eats eustreptospondylus

The Iconic scene

In Cruel Sea it appears as the main atagonist while in To Hell...and Back it appears in the ocean that ranks number two when it eats a dead whale.

Trivia Edit

  • The Liopleurodon in Cruel Sea is far larger than any known specimen.
  • The Liopleurodon, according to many, has the most popular intro out of the entire series. So much so that Jurassic World would pay homage to it.
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