The Allosaurus is a carnivore that appears as an antagonist in various documentaries. A special was made a year after Walking with DInosaurs and focused on Big Al.


The Allosaurus is medium size theropod that was well known as one of the top predators of the Jurassic. They have larger arms when compared to other carnivores. Unlike the other larger theropods, Allosaurus had strong neck muscles that allowed it to use it's head similar to that of an axe. It would hack at the prey instead of biting.


The Allosaurus appears in the episode Time of the Titans. It hunts several small Diplodocus and later attacking a larger one.


As it appears in When Dinosaurs Roamed America

It would also appear in When Dinosaurs Roamed America to hunt Camarasaurus where it fails, however it kills the other predator, Ceratosaurus.

Planet Dinosaurs depiction

It also appears in Last Giants in Planet Dinosaur where the more recent discoveries were implemented in it's depiction.

Trivia Edit

  • Each documentary does not show it performing a chopping motion. This was discovered in later years though.
  • The most famous Allosaurus is Big Al due to his many injuries.
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